Sydney and James’ Engagements at the Tremont House Hotel, in The Strand Historic District, and on Galveston Beach in Galveston, Texas

Genovese Studios recently photographed Sydney and James’ engagement portraits at the Tremont House Hotel , in The Strand Historic District , and on Galveston Beach  in Galveston, Texas. Sydney and James’ wedding will be taking place later this month in Galveston at The Tremont House Hotel, which gave us access to their venue for our shoot. After spending some time in the area around the hotel and walking through The Strand and it’s weathered and historic buildings as our backdrop, we headed down to a spot on Galveston Beach that gave us amazing views of the Gulf of Mexico, the setting sun, and Pleasure Pier off in the distance! Sydney and James were amazing to work with, bringing both their enthusiasm for each other and for Genovese Studios’ work, and their own ideas for locations and backdrops. By bringing their enthusiasm and ideas they shared in the success of the shoot, which produced some stunning images!!SydneyJamesES-101SydneyJamesES-109SydneyJamesES-114SydneyJamesES-118SydneyJamesES-124SydneyJamesES-132SydneyJamesES-135SydneyJamesES-136SydneyJamesES-142SydneyJamesES-147SydneyJamesES-148SydneyJamesES-151SydneyJamesES-153SydneyJamesES-157SydneyJamesES-158SydneyJamesES-161SydneyJamesES-165SydneyJamesES-168SydneyJamesES-170
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