After over a decade of creating beautiful wedding photography for clients all across the Gulf South Region, from New Orleans to Houston and beyond, Genovese Studios is proud to unveil our full wedding videography pricing and information!! We handle our professional videography with the same care and attention as all of the work that we create from our client’s most important moments during their wedding day and portraits! Take a look a the information below and when you’re ready we’ll schedule an appointment to meet you and show you more!


Video Lite is our entry level video product for those clients looking for an affordable alternative to full video coverage, and at only $1,350 it’s an exceptional value!!

We’re excited to tell you all about our new product, but before you read more watch this video below to see a sample of what it will look like! Do keep in mind that this video is a shortened preview… our full videos will be between 5 – 10 minutes in duration, and set to music of your choosing!!

Now let us tell you what our Video Lite product is all about!!

Who is Video Lite for?

The idea behind this product was to create a great “in-between” offering for our clients who are not really wanting the full, expensive cinematic wedding video with multiple videographers, equipment, interviews, mics, drones, etc. This product is meant to be simple and extremely affordable!

How Does it Work?

For an extremely affordable add-on price to your existing Genovese Ashford Studios wedding photography coverage we’ll provide you with one videographer who will accompany us and work directly alongside us! The video captured will be done so with the intention of complementing the photography that we create and capture for you. This is not a stand alone product, but one designed with the intention of being showcased along with your wedding photographs. The coverage and duration of shooting will be the same as what you’ve contracted us for on your wedding day. There are no interviews, and we will only use a microphone to capture the wedding vows from the ceremony. The rest of the footage will be shot with the intention of being used for your cinematic video set to music.

The Finished Product

The video you’ve watched above is a very good indication of what your finished product will look like as far as the way that it is filmed, how your wedding photos are included, and the general pace and flow of the video. However, in an effort to make the video a short watch for our clients we’ve greatly simplified and shortened the video. Depending on the amount of coverage you have and how eventful the wedding itself is, your video will be between 5 – 10 minutes in duration. We’ll ask for a selection of several songs from you so that we have options in making the video. Most likely you’ll see your getting ready and ceremony coverage set to one song, and your portraits and reception coverage set to another. Some videos may have the vows worked into the show and some may not, depending on how long your vows are… since we’ll mic up this portion if it’s not included in your video we’ll include that for you separately to have. The final product will be video at 1080p HD quality format that you’ll be able to play not only on your computer, but that you can keep on your phone’s, tablets, and devices and that you can watch on your big screen at home or from your office!

How do I Reserve Video Lite for my Wedding?

The first step is to check with us to make sure that we’re available to provide it! Being a new product will make our availability somewhat limited, as we’re not currently able to provide video for multiple weddings a day as we can with our photography. Once we confirm that we are available however it’s just as simple as confirming with us that you’d like to add Genovese Ashford Studios Video Lite and we’ll simply add it to your existing invoice!

How Much Does it Cost?

It’s affordable we promise!! In fact, it’s a bargain really! Full Video Lite coverage that matches your Genovese Ashford Studios wedding photography coverage will only cost $1,350.

How do I Know if I Need Video Lite or Full Wedding Video Coverage

In making this product it was not our goal to compete with those who make their livings creating full wedding videos and cinematic trailers. If you are seriously considering that type of product then very likely our Video Lite is not for you. The beautiful cinematic wedding videography that our colleagues in the market are creating is a top notch stand alone product, and we regularly refer and make recommendations to our clients to professionals that we regularly work with. Our product is meant to appeal to our clients who are not looking for a full production of video and who are just wanting to have a bit of beautiful video to accompany their photography and to remember their wedding day by. Video Lite is also there to give our clients who may not have the budget for full cinematic video an option. If you’re finding yourself making compromises to other services, or you’re skipping out on that photo album because you’re over budget, selecting our Genovese Ashford Studios Video Lite option might just be the perfect addition to our services!!

To Recap…

If you’re looking for an extremely affordable, greatly simplified, video option to complement your wedding photography Video Lite by Genovese Ashford Studios may be the perfect solution!!



We’re proud to offer full video collections in a few different packages to our clients! From simple day-of coverage to ceremony films, drone footage, and 4k delivery we’re ready to create coverage that fits exactly what you’re looking for! Check out a sample video of highlights below, and please reach out to us with any questions you have!



Contact us today to learn more about our Houston wedding photography and videography at Genovese Studios!! http://www.genovese.studio


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